There are a few libraries here that are not using Facebook or Twitter – believe it or not.  We have have found it to be a wonderful resource to get information out to our patrons (who do use FB & Twitter) not to mention it is FREE advertising!  You can’t beat that!

Learning from a Pro: Best Practices for Facebook and Twitter.

A co-worker on mine is taking a class in HR and she shared with us an article she came across that is food for thought especially when working at the Front Desk…

Breaking Barriers: Libraries and Socially Excluded Communities  By Annette DeFaveri



Dr. Seuss’ Birthday (Mar 02)

Yes its true, yes its true or
so that it seems,
That today’s a big day,
the kind even in dreams,

For all little girls and all little boys
Will wake up bright and early to read with much joy!
And they’ll read. And they’ll read. And when they’ll get to the parts
were their giggles begin and the laughter, it starts
And they’ll giggle and giggle with laughter for sure!
Oh, the noise! Oh, the noise! Oh, the noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!

(and we know that the Grinch would have hated the noise!)

So a big birthday thanks
for the magic and more
Thanks for that Cat in the Hat
and the rest of the score

We loved all your stories
we loved them galore
Let’s sing! And Let’s sing!
And then sing! Sing! Some more!

That’s about as good as it gets as my rhyming’s quite sad
but lets just give some thanks for the fun we’ve all had
Its a big celebration out here on the tubes
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to youse!

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday today by taking part in Read Across America Day (March 02, 2010) and encouraging the reading of books.

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